Content Development

Creative Content Development, Marketing, & Strategy

You need a creatively tweaked content to pitch for your idea. Possibly, to impress investor(s), hire co-founder or other co-workers who can believe in your idea.

Content is vital for your brand! At every step you need content be it in the form of text, graphics, or videos to create a brand identity such as Brand Logo, Brand Story, Marketing Collateral, and even your website.

You need content for marketing and advertisement. Without content you cannot establish what you do or what you can do for your prospects.

You need content to establish a brand. Without content you cant build brand impression or trust among your customers. Building PR is a tough job and therefore, in order to convey your true story, how you care for your customer, how assistive your product is, and for many other reasons, you require content.

Internal communication within the organization should be as good as external. Your company’s vision, mission, goals, policies, ethics etc. must be communicated aptly to your workers. This ensures everybody contributes towards the same goal, and adheres to the brand standards. You need content to communicate and train your team.

You need content for client communication, lead generation, lead conversion. Be it a form, web copy, flyer, banner, proposal, newsletter, or simply an instruction manual to teach your customers how to use your product in a way that they never forget.

You need content to be in the game! Do you want the Customer Experience of your brand to reach new heights? Give them an unforgettable user experience using spiced up and creatively moulded content so that they can never stop using your product or stop talking about how wonderful experience they had using your brand. When you fear loosing your customer and you are trying to find ways to retain your customer, try using content to pitch why they should stick to your brand.

Companies heavily rely on creative content for marketing their products or services today. It is because, internet has changed the game. You too can build your strong presence online with the help of creatively tweaked persuasive and engaging content. But, what are engaging creative content? Content that makes an online user to share, comment, and click on the call to action button is what we produce. Content is King, you would have heard this already and we too believe in it. Make creative content development and management as part of your marketing strategy and see the game change for you. As a matter of fact, content can reduce your marketing cost too.

Easy reading is damn hard writing.

– Nathaniel Hawthorne American Novelist

Let us put it this way! You can’t imagine any strategy grow without relevant content in place. Be it youtube video, Instagram pictures, blog content, or your website content, you need content everywhere. Even if we keep the digital platforms aside, your brochure, product catalogue, newsletters, proposals, they all require content to put forward your idea. Content is an integral part of branding because only through content you can express your vision and communicate to your customers, clients, or partners.

Types of content we love to write/create!

  • Taglines / Headlines
  • Ad Copy Content
  • Website Content
  • Blog Posts
  • Customer Stories
  • Emailers
  • Brand Stories
  • Press-Releases
  • Product Descriptions
  • Social-Media Content

Why Content & Content Marketing?

It increases the credibility of your brand

So you posted an article about your product or service online and search engines like google indexed it. Now anybody who searches for the keyword your article stands a chance to show-up in the results. Even if 20% of the visitors decides to read. The well written creative article is able to answer their query, they will start to build trust in your brand. They will see your brand as a credible source of information and even subscribe.

How much of content is needed?

Generate creative content and post them regularly across your website(s) and social-media pages. It should be a constant effort. Doing so will increase the visibility of your brand and validate your trust as well as strengthen your position.

What type of content do I need?

Various platforms require different type of content however, in order to excel you must take a 360° approach. Written content in text form like articles, descriptions etc. Visually appealing content like graphics, infographics, single-page creatives, etc. that can go on your social-media pages and other platforms. Videos for YouTube or facebook pages. Gifs for Instagram or twitter.

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