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Branding services for startups, small-businesses, and entrepreneurs

Branding increases the overall impact of your business however, many businesses limit their effort to just picking a name and creating a logo as identity of the company. All those are significant to place and distinguish your company in the pool of competitors but don’t limit your effort. Your brand is a representation of what you are willing to do, what you offer, and how you are different than others. Beginning from your brand’s name, logo, brand color, business card, letterhead, brand communication, marketing collateral, packaging and every other thing that your company utilizes are counted and accounted for developing a brand. After all, a lucrative brand is what customers are looking for! Don’t you think so?

Creating a brand requires paying attention to every small details like understanding your competitor, target customer and what they desire. At BigBrandTree, our team of strategists combine business, marketing, communications, and design thinking to develop a meaningful, unique, as well as an authenticated brand for your company. Irrespective of how big or small and how new or old you are.

Benefits of Branding

  • Get Recognized
  • Increase your Business Value Seamlessly
  • Generate New Customers
  • Improve your and your employees Pride & Satisfaction
  • Create and Win Trust
  • Motivate the Market
  • Elevated Customer Satisfaction
  • Reach Your Goals

How BigBrandTree does branding for your business?

We create, develop, and deliver the promise of a distinct as well as consistently memorable brand experience by following the below four steps which are essential for building a brand that you envision.

Brand Discovery

This is where it starts! At this first stage of building your brand, we will consult & interview you to really understand how you want your audience to see you and the core message you want to convey to them. We will drill down further to deeply research about your industry, audience, and competition using tools and various methods.

Brand Identity

Based on your inputs and the information we collected at the first step, we start building a unique identity of your brand. These identities could be your brand name, tagline, logo, brand color, typography, etc. It depends on how far you want to go ahead with branding your business, product, or service.

Brand Strategy

Keeping your objectives in mind, we will develop a unique brand strategy to counter your local, national competitors, build & engage audience, and to pave the way for your future growth.

Brand Positioning

This will be an ongoing process under which a constant effort to establish your brand through marketing & promotional campaigns will be executed.

At this step, we will build your brand’s online presence across all popular social channels like facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, YouTube, vimo, etc. Optimize them for their respective algorithms, run ad-campaigns to capture targeted audience or to break into new territory. Digital marketing and content marketing efforts together will increase the website traffic and also your brand awareness.

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