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Rock-solid reasons for branding your business!

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A brand is an experience! It is a feeling of association and the identity you as a business create in your customer’s mind. Visually a brand is identified by its logo, symbol, name mark, word. Your brand color also helps the viewer establish brand identity. Auditorily a brand is recognized by its jingle, tagline, and brand name. All of these together represent what you offer, what your values are, and what you promise to deliver.

We live in a world connected through the internet. With the rise of social media and various internet-based platforms, becoming a brand or branding your business is easier and challenging at the same time.

Sandra worked in the Silicon Valley of India for over 6 years as an engineer, but she always liked baking. She would joyfully do it for her colleagues, relatives, friends, and family. Everybody would demand her special cookies and brownies that she made during Christmas. They loved the free yummy treats. They lauded and encouraged her to quit everything and start selling them.

The time came when she considered that idea due to her growing troubles of being in employment. She was socially active so she always shared pictures of her cookies and her friends liked and shared them further. She started getting a lot of queries and requests for her special cookies.

Not long after, she met the same gang of geeks from her office to throw a party for being self-dependent. She finally managed to do what she liked doing. Everybody congratulated her for her courageous step while she thanked everyone for the support.

“What have you thought of taking this further?” during the celebration, one of her friends ask her.

“What do you mean?” she replied.

“Don’t you want to make this big and let have more people taste the delicious cookies you make?” the friend asked.

“I’m already getting a lot of queries but of course I want to grow further,” she answered.

“Do you have a website, Instagram page, or something to promote your baking skills?”

“No, not yet!” this question rang numerous bells in her mind and leaves her thinking.

She went back to think about what all can she do to make her passion a professional hit for her. She decided that she will start with an Instagram and Facebook page but as she brainstormed further, she realized she will need a beautiful logo first. She decides to reach-up to a cousin for suggestions who is into digital marketing.

Sandra now has a website, an Instagram page, and she owns a brand. She multiplied her revenue and her popularity along with branding. It is easier for you if you can manage to find out what actually makes you a brand!

Branding is one of the critical & most important aspects of your business. It impacts your business in many ways, we are listing down some of them for you to gauge its significance.

Branding wins the trust of your consumers!

Make yourself a brand requires consistency. Your logo, color, and your core message should be consistent. A consumer should be able to see the same logo on your billboard, banner, proposals, letters, etc. You cannot put the different colors or your logo in different aspect ratios all together on the packaging and your listing. Neither can you call this whole process branding your business. Your identity must not change.

Besides identity and message, your costumers come back to you because they want the same experience every time. Imagine, why would you go buy the same burger in McDonald’s? The answer is simple, you want the same best taste!

As a brand when you become consistent, your customers put more trust in you.

Gets recognition—who you are?

We said above that brand is a combination of experience and identity. In order to create that identity for branding, you should get a logo, tagline, decide on color pallets, etc. for your business. After the brand identity creation, any person interacting with your brand should leave with a personalized impression. This leads your business to a stage where the graph of your identity recognition increases.

A brand is mostly made with an objective to make it popular and this is where the benefit of getting recognition comes into the picture. As a brand you will be able to reside in the memory of people who uses your products/services, interacts with you/your posts on social media, sees your billboard, banner, display board, etc. They will recall their fantastic experience you as a brand offered to them. This helps in making a deeper connection with your audience. They go on talking about you with their friends and spreading the word by the means of writing tweets, and blog posts, creating videos, etc. Why? Just to express their joy and how happy they are with your brand!

Branding your business opens door for new customers!

Well, it is obvious that once your brand has become popular as more people have started recognizing you, the demand for your business, products, or services will increase. There will be many new faces and entities knocking on your door to be your customer. They will want to do business with you because they have a positive impression of your brand. Don’t underestimate the power of ‘word of mouth’ either, it is possible that they come based on references, seeing your social media posts, or you might have appeared in their google search results.

The rush of pride and satisfaction!

How do you feel when you drive a Mercedes? Being a brand is like being a celebrity in yourself. It is not pride for just the business but, also for employees, and customers. Employees would like to work for you and the customer would want to spend for you. And, they both would like to talk about the nice experience your brand offers.

All of the above, if put together—you will figure out that branding brings a lot of values for your business. Your market value will soar high and you will be able to create an ethical identity of your business which is built on friendly principles and promises.

Building a brand requires creating a brand identity at first. These are little details that make a big difference when you are positioning your brand in the market or on social media platforms. Color, visibility, or readability aspects of your logo, tagline, should be clear enough. Each color is psychologically defined. Different colors act differently in human psychology. It must be appealing to them. Ask yourself, what is unique about your brand? Are you offering the comfort a buyer is looking forward to getting from you? They want assurance of investing in your brand. Are you brand ready?

BigBrandTree believes in creatively solving the problems based on research, gathered information, and understanding what you truly desire.

BigBrandTree BigBrandTree LLP is an outstanding branding organization that can work wonders for building your brand which your customers would remember. We do it through creative design & development solutions, engaging content, and grossing digital marketing campaigns.

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  1. This is really informative. If I have a business planning up, will definitely consult you. 🙂 Would want to read more!

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