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Reasons Why New Businesses Use PowerPoint for Investor Pitch Deck

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PowerPoint Presentation for Startups

Businesses need to keep a track of their work record and growth thus using PowerPoint becomes inevitable in such cases. However, PowerPoints are all the more important for start-ups and businesses to vocalize their market value visually and to attract investors. PowerPoints are helpful for documenting startup’s growth rate, scope, and other KPIs. Professionals with their businesses still in the funding stage have a lot of pitching work. Preparing verbal or written presentations every time for plugging it to investors is hectic and not-so-catchy. PPTs are the best for effective pitching that helps in conversions for investments.

Top 10 Reasons Why New Businesses Use PowerPoint for Investor Pitch Deck

  1. Establishing Brand Identity and Trust

    Identity and Trust earn start-ups their bread and butter. In the initial stages pitching work is a major tool for impression formation. How the brands come off to investors is consequential to their success. PowerPoints help keep the information intact, easily shareable, and verifiable. During Sales Pitching, identity marks such as Logo, Tagline, Social Media Graphics, Typography, Colour schemes, Product display etc. all are integral to striking a difference. The visual display of such brand identity factors in PowerPoint pitch deck helps investors conjure up an idea of how well the brand can tap into its potential market.

  2. Helps in Engaging the Investors

    PowerPoint presentations make meets interactive. This is because pitching done with more graphic content renders longevity in the attention span of potential investors. PPTs equip investors and start-ups with enough lee time, the former to discuss and synthesize information that is presented and the latter to convince venture capitalists for investments.

  3. Gives Control

    The person presenting the PPT can easily take action on their chain of thoughts and elaborate on them effectively. The presenter has ample time to deliver topics either verbally and may switch to options like embedded videos, audio notes, etc. to take a break. This way investors too get time to hold internal discussions and gain a sense of clarity.

  4. Easy Distribution

    PowerPoint is business friendly as you can easily share the presentation over email. You actually don’t need to be present in real-time and businesses can open the file on their system and go through it effortlessly. You can also share the presentation with investors beforehand for them to get a basic understanding of the theme and purpose of the meeting. PPTs can be formatted in various file formats and extensions such as PDF, OpenDocument, etc.

  5. Increased Response

    Delivering long drawling speeches in name of presentations might take a toll on not only the investors but the business too. For bootstrap start-ups and business professionals, PowerPoints are a breakthrough to manually control the direction of discussions and engage investors by holding multiple ‘question breaks’. PPTs, give investors multiple chances to process the delivered information.

  6. Breaking Down Complex Information

    One can comfortably understand Performance indicators that demonstrate revenue growth rate, demographic market, costs and finances, customer retention rate, monthly burns, cash runaway, profit margins, Lifetime Value, etc. with the help of bars, graphs, pie-charts, etc.. Since, conceptualizing and calculating with graphic aids are less complicated for both presenter and to the one it is presented to. In this case, investor.

  7. Manoeuvring Flow of Information

    While explaining a presentation the presenter may be asked to go over a certain topic again, flipping through pages to finally being able to identify which part was asked to revise comes off as unprofessional and time-taking. Moreover picking up from where the presentation was left at becomes harder. PowerPoints instead are a quick solution to such problems where you can easily trace pointers and resume your elucidation with ease.

  8. Quick and Easy Edits

    Last-minute editing might make the presenter nervous especially if you have to do it on paper. PowerPoints, facilitate editing individual or multiple slides uncomplicated. For new businesses with ever-changing data and statistics, this feature becomes all the necessitous.

  9. Environmentally Conscious and Zero-waste

    To make an impression amongst capitalists several start-ups have devised ways to give their brands a cutting-edge recognition. Presenting your brand and its values as eco-conscious definitely sets it apart. Minimizing the usage of paper and adapting software technologies will make the brand look not only competent and up to date but also environmentally aware. This in return could intrigue investors to delve into your company values, missions, and ventures.

  10. An Effective Visual Presentation Tool

    The sole purpose of PPTs is to make what you wish to convey ‘visually attractive’. The smart tools, themes, and designs give new businesses an illustrative edge over their competitors. Psychologically, information presented in visual forms tend to become a core part of the memory more easily than verbal information.


MNCs and large-scale enterprises usually use PowerPoints in their meeting sessions to break down big data and complex information during joint discussions and collateral meetings. However, today almost every institution including even small companies use PowerPoints cause of its multifaceted features. For newly established businesses PowerPoint is a safe harbour reason being its cost-effectiveness comparatively to other softwares. A start-up needs to cut costs and make all corners meet to enhance their smooth functioning. Softwares are usually expensive however Microsoft PowerPoint has several unpaid features. You can resurrect dead and dull meetings through graphical excellence and viewer engagement that PowerPoint effortlessly  offers. You will be less burdened as an individual who needs to present every bit of information without lapse. PowerPoint works as an attractive note maker program. Helps in leaving better first impressions considering how well complex details, numerical values and data you can integrate. It is common to expect from almost every professional business to present meeting sessions using mostly PowerPoint. If you cannot design it yourself, you can hire BigBrandTree experts to work on the same. They can integrate your brand identity, make it visually engaging and most importantly deliver it in a quick turn-around time. The alternative to this is Keynote and Google Slides. Communication improves and heads may be put together easily for resolving complex topics and issues. Pitch deck templates are an added facility for new businesses who aren’t much aware of pitching format. To conclude PPTs are ubiquitous and a kick-start software for start-ups seeking to build an image and trust in the market.

BigBrandTree BigBrandTree LLP is an outstanding branding organization that can work wonders for building your brand which your customers would remember. We do it through creative design & development solutions, engaging content, and grossing digital marketing campaigns.

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